Brian Friend

Brian Friend For President

Say No To The Progressive Agenda.

Born in Akron Ohio, 1966, I lived in the city of Akron and attended public schools. My Father was a hard- working blue-collar man, working at BF Goodrich building tires. My mother was a nurse at Akron City Hospital. I am a first-generation college graduate. My mother and father separated when I was the age of 4. Raised by my mother, I have nothing but respect and admiration for her, I had seen firsthand the hard work she faced raising 2 children on $2.00/hr. She taught me hard work, principles, tenacity, and respect. I was a top athlete in the state during high school, went to a Pro football combine in 1998. I believe in continually educating myself, working out, and discipline! I am strong Christian in faith. Doing the right things regardless of backlash or peer pressure. Integrity and strong faith in God are the most important qualities I possess. I am a moderate republican. Born and raised in Ohio during the 70’s and 80’s everyone was blue-collar hard working and considered democrats, and as have become older life’s wisdom has brought me to the Republican Party, why? Because the Democratic Party left me and what I believe in, God is important to me, and I believe in doing what is right.

I moved to Kure Beach North Carolina 1987, receiving my bachelor’s degree in accounting from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington (1997) while washing trucks for $4.50/hr. Started to develop my business in 1998 got it up and running in 2002. I also worked in construction business a couple of years to help finance my insurance agency. I see the importance of job creation, expanding a business and the impact it has on the community. Raised by a single mother, I understand loyalty to my employees I allowed for the children to be brought into the office because a mother needs to be the one raising her children. The most important element society has been the lacking is parental guidance and care. I put everything I had into creating my business, faced many obstacles. The average person that just collects a weekly check can never understand the pressures, barriers, and commitment owners must have, long hours for basically no pay at times. I have been able to maintain my focus building my business while raising a daughter and guiding her to the Air Force all while earning 2 master’s Degrees, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

I decided to run for President because I know I am the best overall choice. I see no leadership or loyalty by the current occupant! The of the other candidates are too political and will do nothing but add to the problems. I have the experience with the issues we face and the ability to fix the problems this country is facing. Nothing has been done to aid Americans Left behind by President Joe Biden, Americans are stranded in Yemen and Afghanistan. After 4 years of obstacles, President Trump faced no support, basically most Republican politicians washed their hands of him. Even after leaving his office President Trump still faces the corrupt political system. With all the issues we are dealing with by the current administration, nothing! Are things getting better? Or worse? Under our current President nothing is being done. Our President calls a young man defending himself a racist and terrorist. The other candidates have no experience to deal with pressure. I bring a complete package of experience, education, ability to handle problems head on. My real strength comes from my faith in God.

I am.
Pro God,
Pro Military,
Pro Law Enforcement,
Pro 2nd Amendment

I am for school choice, public schools are getting way off base and contaminating our children, I believe parents have a right to determine what should be taught in schools, I don’t believe the government has a right to take away the parents right to have an opinion.

Keeping Jobs in America is essential, we must maintain affordable housing. The current administration’s policies have created inflation. Cost of living is being pushed above a survivable range.

Healthcare (the marketplace is a joke) mandates must be lifted to push prices down to make more affordable. If it is so great, why are we forced to buy it?

Vaccination, worst case numbers have Covid survival rate above 98%. I believe the individual has the right to decide what’s best for them, Government has no right to force people to have vaccination. Mask should also be up to an individual, If the vaccination works so well, why should un vaccination people have to wear a mask? If the vaccinations do harm us, we can’t pursue legal action!

New Revise Tax Reform is essential to help hard working Americans. We need to modify the standard deduction- exemption, this destroys the single person as well as the families with children that are trying to buy homes. Medical expenses, and non-reimbursed working expense, are just a few issues that need to be addressed. I can implement to tax plan that will give relief to those making under $500,000.

Why should you vote for me? You may not realize it, but we are at war, the war between right and wrong. A war against working class Americans vs those who refuse to work! The problem isn’t another nation it’s domestic! We have an enemy so hateful, if you don’t agree with them, you’re a racist, a bigot, or a homophobic! An enemy that will lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate every situation to get what they want, not concerned for your beliefs or well-being! That was proven from the last election.

We are in a society where a real man can’t be a man and our children are being manipulated, expose, and brainwashed! Do we want our children or grandchildren to suffer because of a lack of action! The current candidates may be good people, I am not bashing anyone, but if we walked into a dark alley, I will be the one walking out! I am old-school with old-school values! I possess a strong work ethic and loyalty! I have dealt personally with every major issue we face today, immigration, taxes, health insurance and the positive and negative effects these issues have had on the economy! I am strong- willed and integrity is important to me! I want the best for our women and children. I love America and want to do my part I am here to offer you a candidate that will get things done! The others talk the talk, I walk the walk!