Tax Reform/Excessive Government Spending

We are about to see things get unbelievably bad, especially because of the reckless spending by the current administration. American is supported by the working class, the rich do not want to pay, and the poor do not pay. Tax reform can be drastically improved to help fuel the economy, Ryan and McConnell sabotaged Trumps tax proposals. Same product different packaging.

With a master’s degree in forensic accounting and an authorized Enrolled Agent by the Internal Revenue Service, I can create a tax plan that will target those with excessive income and wealth. We need to go back to the former standard deduction and exemption format. Tax rates need to be adjusted off this format. The current tax plan is drastically going to restrict growth and impact the purchases of new homes. Prior to this new change 90% of Americans took the standard deduction, there was no reason to change this, but to extract more money from those in the working class. We have to reduce the national debt is a must, the current administration wants to go to a digital currency, which will put the control of your assets in the governments hands.